Work Life Balance


Are you wired and tired? Pulled in too many directions? Exhausted?

Carol Ann experienced major stress and burnout a few years ago. Due to extreme fatigue, her motto had become “I am woman, hear me snore!” She had overextended herself and was ready to find a better work life balance.

She even broke her baby toe because she didn’t say “NO!”

After four months with a broken toe, wearing a boot up to her knee, Carol Ann learned a myriad of work life balance lessons that she will share with you!

If you are trying to juggle far too many obligations and find yourself in need of a life balance re-alignment, then Carol Ann’s work life balance program is for you!

Are you overbooked, stressed out, or just too busy?

Learn how to practice self-care, re-charge, and get motivated

  • Find life balance between work and home
  • Discover energy techniques to revive your spirit
  • Reignite your creativity and life’s passion
  • Learn how to de-stress, relax, and get rejuvenated
Carol Ann Small - Work Life Balance

“Carol Ann was lively, informative and kept the audience motivated! She styled her wit and humor to our profession and our members are still talking about how much they enjoyed her presentation.”

Robert Marshall, Past President – IAAP NEW ENGLAND CONFERENCE



“Talented presenter who could enliven and inspire any group…organized and informative program.”

Ileen Goldberg, Site Manager – HARVARD VANGUARD

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