Happiness in the Workplace


We spend most of our waking hours at work… so why not enjoy them?

Learn how to take your work seriously, while taking yourself lightly.

Discover how to develop happiness skills to cope with daily frustrations reframing negative situations, and create a fun (yet appropriate) environment in the workplace.

Humor can take weight off our minds (and who couldn’t afford to lose a few pounds?)  Did you know that humor is one of life’s finest anti-stress measures? It’s an effective means of coping with life’s challenges and promotes health and wellness.

A happy employee is a productive employee!

This workshop promises to be both informative and entertaining.

* Boost workplace morale and decrease absenteeism
* Learn how to develop your sense of humor to enhance your creativity
* Identify the physiological and psychological benefits of humor and laughter
* Learn new skills to take better care yourself


“Your happiness in the workplace seminar was the perfect way to thank our staff for all their hard work!”

Marianne T. Bost – Regional HR Manager

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