Banish Burnout and Bounce Back

Forbes:  “Employers don’t just need to engage employees; they need to have to make sure they are happy to avoid burnout.”

Are you exhausted, overwhelmed and agitated – and you haven’t even left for work yet?  Are you so tuckered out that you wish that your cubicle came with turn down service and a wake-up call?  If you’ve been multi-tasking so much that professional plate-spinners would be jealous, well crash and burn no more!

Studies have shown that work-related stress is one of the major causes of absenteeism in the workplace.  As we have inherited increasing responsibilities in life, it is more important than ever to pace oneself to maintain health, vitality and life balance.

Learn how to banish burnout symptoms, improve productivity and enhance your health and outlook.

* Re-charge your staff and help them bid burnout goodbye
* Learn how work related stress affects job performance and reduces staff retention
* Discover the physiological & psychological effects of burnout at work
* Welcome employee wellness back to the workplace


“Your unique perspective on life and work has had a positive effect on my managers and staff.”

Walter Pannone, VP Patient Care

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